The Tools offer no means of creating, or working with arrays.  This simple Business Functions highlights how a 'C' developer can incorporate an array function into Event Rules.

Calling Custom DLLs from OneWorld

The OneWorld Toolset offers a robust solution for many business needs.  However, there are many programming tools that go far beyond what OneWorld has to offer.  This article shows how to dynamically call external Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) from within a OneWorld Business Function.  Additionally, it illustrates how an external DLL can inherit access to OneWorld's API and file I/O capabilities.
Download the MSVC Workspace and Source Code Here.


Windows Style Dialog Boxes

JDE's Toolset offers only a rudimentary capability to create and display Message Dialog Boxes to users.  This article shows the programmer how to utilize the WIN32 API within a Business Function to create a powerful and dynamic Dialog Box "Application".


File Navigation

Once again we're stepping out of the JDE box and using an API provided by Microsoft.   In this case we're covering the API that allows us to sequentially read file names out of a directory.  Also, the article covers the API that moves files to different areas in the directory.


There are a great number of limitations when it comes to direct interaction with the database.  ODBC offers a powerful alternative to the small instruction set offered by the tool

False Arrays

Arrays are a great thing.  Unfortunately, Oracle doesn't provide a native solution within the tool.  The solution listed above is overkill in some situations.  Using a simple string can keep track of previously processed values without the overhead of writing a Business Function..



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