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Darren Mario Ricciardi

Senior Director, Technical Development
Advanced Logistics Consulting
Instructor, Oracle University


The intent of this resource was to provide 'out-of-the-box' solutions for Oracle's JDEdwards EnterpriseOne software.  That effort was initially begun several years ago.  For any frequenter to these pages it became readily apparent that there have been very few changes over the years.  The site essentially sat dormant for several years.  That is very likely to remain the same.

When begun, this project was a reflection of the work and experimentation I performed while managing a programming team for a former employer.  When that department was dissolved, not long prior to the company being sold, I returned to Technical Consulting and leading teams of a similar nature.  However, while the nature of the work remained relatively unchanged, the sales aspect was very different.

It became clear that posting solutions was a conflict of interest.  Competition in the marketplace dictated that I withhold the information and solutions I discovered.  That is unlikely to change.  However, the formerly reliable articles will remain as a resource for anyone interested.  I say formerly because advances in E1 make a number of them obsolete.  The information is at a minimum a testament to what tenacious problem-solving can do.  And perhaps that will be a sales tool for my abilities as well.

Should the time present itself and a solution either prove open source, or remote enough, I expect to post it here.

Please feel free to send me correspondence and peruse the articles.  Perhaps the information may prove useful and lead a dedicated programmer to some necessary solution.

Darren Mario Ricciardi

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